About us

Alweam Medical is one of the biggest distribution companies in Iraq that specialise in providing the best and latest medical equipment in terms of technological advancement and quality.

so far we have attracted various customers from private and public hospitals, pharmacies, cosmetics centres and research labs.

the company was founded in the year 2015 by a professional team that is expert in dealing with medical equipment. over the years we have expanded our business aggressively, making our company not only buys and sells from different suppliers but partnering up with the suppliers enabling us to provide the best customer service to our buyers.

Our Mission

  • To contribute our extensive knowledge of medical procedures to medical professionals in hospitals and other medical institutions.
  • To introduce and support the implementation of innovative medical supplies to replace the old traditional technologies.
  • Our priority is to never compromise in our support and availability to the hospitals, clinical departments and doctors that we serve. We constantly continue our search for newest technologies that can contribute in improving our health system in the field.

why partnering with us?

  • We are a well known company and one of the primary suppliers for many customers, our reputation was built by reliability, our morals and business conduct
  • Our financial ability to expand our business exponentially.
  • Our ability to deliver to our customers from all over Iraq effectively using expert logistics and efficient delivery systems.

Contact Us

Al Battawen District 101
building 303/309 (4 floors)
building 303/310 (6 floors)
Baghdad, Rusafa

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